Almost everyone knows this: socks disappear and must be painstakingly stored in the closet or do not fit together. A brilliant idea solves all problems with a “click”.
With a mounted push button they remain together “stuck” in the washing machine, on a leash, in the dryer and in the linen trade. Snapsocks you can get in all qualities and colours.


Regioware are a friendly company that as we committed to transparency and sustainability. A wide range in the browsing really is fun!


Feinundfein offers quality, fresh pastries and cookies for conferences or events. All made from natural raw materials in a very varied mix to order and puts and end to the monotony of biscuit in meetings. The nationwide service ensures a fresh delivery within 2-3 days.


Find a large selection of classic and offbeat picture frames. The range consists of a wooden frame, models made of aluminium to plastic products.
It is not the right format? No problem, rahmenverand.com designs and individual frames can be made to order on request.