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Bed Time

Bed Time

Kids Bedding for cuddling

All the little boys and girls need cuddly kids bedding, where they can dream and sleep. A peaceful night’s sleep is the be-all and end-all. At wellyou we know that design, not just comfort, is an important part of bedding, especially for the older child. Patterned bedding invites the kids to snuggle up and dream all night. For the tiny tots there are extra baby bed products, made from extra soft materials so that the little sleepyheads can sleep comfortably.

Baby beds should feel good

Especially the little ones should feel at home in there bed. Therefore, it is very important to use special baby beds in the cot or cradle. The majority of our duvet and pillow covers are made from fine cotton which is breathable and has great temperature control. So that your child will be never be too hot or cold. Our baby pillows and duvets have extra soft filling so it is great to snuggle in. Soft padded baby mattresses are also available to contribute to a comfy sleep. Only one that feels comfortable will look after their bed, sleep deep and dream.

Pyjamas and sleeping bags

Here at wellyou we know that a good sleep for a child is everything. So we have developed a large selection of baby and children’s pyjamas and sleeping bags for our online shop. Excellent pyjamas are characterised by high quality materials and comfort. Our high quality stylish pyjamas, available through our online shop, will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable sleep.

High quality for boys and girls

Quality: This item is very comfortable, warm and durable due to the high-quality materials and special processing.

Compatibility: Our popular bedding is all made from cotton and are perfect for children who suffer from allergic reactions. We have used all our experience to bring a great product to the soft, young skin of your child. 

Care: Easy to care for (60 degree washable, tumble drier safe, easy iron)

Who is wellyou?

From wellyou you will find high quality baby and child textiles. It is a Hamburg-Based company founded in 1999. We use only high quality materials and always offer the best products for your child. We have high quality standards and promise that you and your child will be satisfied with the products of wellyou.

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